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Exotic Butterfly Wall Art


• -Exotic butterflies from Peru, framed for the most stunning and perfect touch for any home or office! The perfect gift!
• Completely cruelty free!

This particular Piece contains 18 unique creatures.The butterflies are farm raised in a totally free environment, live a fulfilled full life, parish naturally, and then farmed and framed into these stunning displays.

Each offering is a magnificent display of distinctive beauty!
With each purchase you are supporting indigenous communities within the Amazon in Peru through our non-profit foundation Pachamama Divine Connection.

All scientific names are listed on the bottom of the frame

Peru is home for 20% of the world’s population of butterflies. Farm-rising not only protects the butterflies in the wild, but it also protecting the shrinking animal habitat.
Made with a Brazilian cedar frame. Clear sided, each butterfly is double sided.

Perfect opportunity to have this part of Peru in your living room with a piece of history!

Every portrait varies with similar flow design but diverse butterfly options, for more interest email for other decisions~ pachamamaDC@gmail.com

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