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Do you have your own business & think that PachaMama Divine Connection would be a good fit for you? We have a beautiful connection with our retail audience but we always continue to develop our wholesale market. It is important for us to retain our intimate relationship with our retail world but yet advance our branding into the wholesale market. With the mix, we both recognize and realize the importance of each market, knowing of the impact of each.

If you are a wonderful and thriving business that wants to grow and establish your own excitement, and that is exactly what we want to provide for excitement, amazing offerings that will grow you to another level. The selection, diversity and quality of PachaMama's product line will simply delight you and your audience. Our offerings are fresh, exciting and unique including the most luxurious alpaca line.

We are here to work with you to maintain the best experience for your business as well as ours, so that we can both grow together for years to come.

We welcome always any thoughts, comments or ideas that you may have. We hope to not only establish a wonderful working relationship, but inspire you as well.

Please only legitimate re-sale businesses need apply. PachaMama Divine Connection reserves the right to withhold wholesale prices from anyone or any business that does no appear to be ordering our products for a legitimate resale operation. Thank you for understanding our pride to protect those who are striving to grow their business.

Minimum Wholesale Order $2000 USD