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Volunteer/trip to Peru

We will be seeking volunteers as well as interns to learn and grow a sustainable community in Peru.

One week

One week immersion in the Andean Culture, cooking, harvest, sharing with the indigenous families of the Andes.

Trip 2019

Continuing with our trip of missions, for this February 2019 we are scheduled to travel to the city of PUCALLPA in PERU and visit the community of San Jose located about 26 kilometers east of the mentioned city, located in the Peruvian Amazon, this time we will go and give school supplies and basic dental care, the community formed by 20 indigenous families of the Shipibo-Konibo tribe, we are working to share this event with more people, who want to be part of this wonderful trip being part of the travel team or making donations to help these communities, we will be informing more as all the logistics are in order. thanks to all those people who are part of this trip, thanks to all of our friends and family members who help us, we also want to thank the group Agua y Fuego Circle, for their constant support to the community of San Jose and highlight the help provided , to be able to make the web page of the community. ( for more information visit us at:
Facebook, @PachaMama Divine Connection 
Instagram, @PachaMamaDC 
Etsy, @PachaMamaDC
Facebook. @AguayFuegoCircle