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About Us

We offer a wonderful array of hand made fair trade shoes and accessories ..... ...all of which are will be amazed.

Behind the product, we are all about giving back, and our mission to make a difference. We have a foundation in Peru, "PachaMama Divine Connection" , where we provide dental care, educational tools, footwear, hugs and so much more to the children.

For us it is a genuine expression to display our own designs, created through our artisans, with true and pure intent.......This is what makes us who we are. We hope to pass this sediment on to others to make a difference in the life of others.

Here are more additional photos of are artisans that we love and adore along with our family members....including our mama Sarita....who is our driving source and
influence in Peru. she is our never ending connection from North America to South America.....she is our Mama that we love beyond words.
We are so blessed to have our family with us and to work as one union to make a difference in life; to take the simple, but creative craftsmanship to one another on another level; it's truly amazing.
We are empowering,
we are improving,
we are making a difference,
one soul at a time!
And isn't that what really matters in the end.
PachaMama Divine Connection