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Adoption Center

Inspired by the adventures of “Rico” the Alpaca!

Throughout different scenarios, such as rocking awesome music festivals in the USA, the idea of adopting an alpaca was born, being a resounding success!

PachaMama DC has been strong in this adoption process for more than 10 years, creating new forever homes for our “fluffolicious fuzz babies,” working directly with Peruvian artisans in a sustainable and ethical manner.

What a magical creation and exclusive gift from the Andes, with each and everyone being unique and special. Each Baby Alpaca comes with an adoption certificate and a complimentary accessory. To hold these beautiful little creatures in your hands is simply a magical experience, and what you feel in your heart, is priceless.

Thank you to all who have adopted and have given so much love.
Congratulations to those who are considering adoption in the future, “welcome”!







As the saying goes, “Everything Happens For A Reason!” How could it be in life that two beautiful souls could be on the same path, have the same vision, the same passion and the same destination? We are Fatima and Fabricio and our story began with us both being boutique owners on the same street; basically, we were each others competition…but one tango later, everything changed. Yes, it literally was a tango, the dance of love and passion, which is what we are all about. This love and passion exists not only in our relationship but flows wonderfully into our business endeavors as well. We strive to push ourselves to give back and empower others along our path, this is our way.

We are always learning and growing together in many ways, and we love sharing all of our positive energy with others. We love simply making a difference in life!

We empower Artisans! We Make An Impact! Come And Join Us And Be The Change!

You Have Made The Divine Connection

Fatima Pass-Arenas
Designer , Entrepreneur
co-Founder of PachaMamaDC.

Fabricio Arenas
Visionary Artist
Tour Conductor Founder,
(NPO) Pachamama Divine connection


Celebrity- Influencer

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